Snoopy Dog Deformity, 3 Post Op- What Can I Do? (photo)

I had 600CC mentor HP cohesive implants unders 3wks ago, replacing 450CC saline over I've had for 18yrs. The deformity is FREAKING me out. MY PS says its because the implant is so large, & my pecs are so developed (I'm an competitive athlete) He said patience & time & they'll drop into pocket.I haven't seen a case THIS bad on the net! Do you think they will DROP eventually or is a revision inevitable? Reassurance welcome please help!

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Snoopy Dog Deformity?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Your concern is natural and understandable. Unfortunately, there is not much to do except to continue with your plastic surgeon's instructions and give yourself more time to allow for implant settling. Hopefully the implant pocket has been dissected such that the implants will fall into place over the course of several months.

Your plastic surgeon will be the best source of reassurance since he knows your anatomy  (and the procedure performed) the best.

Best wishes.

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Snoopy Dog Deformity, 3 Post Op- What Can I Do? (photo)

Thanks for the photos posted. I would revision now because the inferior pockets are not released enough to allow them to drop. Also if truly a competitive "jock". than why under the muscle??? 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Implants may settle a little bit - depending on type

Assuming your implants are round and not the shaped "gummy bear" type, which are sometimes called cohesive but more correctly called form-stable, in many cases they will settle a little bit. The Mentor texturing does not favor adherence to the implants at the Allergan texturing does, so that may help in this instance. The implant size seems large for a competitive athlete, and under muscle placement also has issues such as animation deformity with physical activity. Without seeing you in person, however, no one online can give you the specific advice you seek.


Richard Baxter, MD
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