Snoopy deformity: 4 weeks post-op 365cc silimed unders teardrop. High profile (photos)

In Ireland - Had pseudo-ptosis pre-op. My breast tissue is now hanging off implant. My question is: I've read correction of pseudo-ptosis should only be attempted with subglandular placement. Was my surgeon remiss here? Do they look awful? I can't possibly contemplate a lift. Bear in mind... they're silimed (cohesive) so natural remedy due to dropping isn't possible

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Snoopy deformity: 4 weeks post-op 365cc silimed unders teardrop. High profile (photos)

Onky a 4 week post op viewing! WOW you are not  being patient!!!! And the appearance as seen in the posted photos looks very6 very good...//

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It's too early to tell!

At 4 weeks post-op, your final result is many months away, so it IS premature to pass judgment on your surgeon's choices based on your present appearance.

You didn't say if you had smooth or textured SIlimed implants (all silicone gel implants are cohesive to one degree or another at present). Textured implants will have a harder time achieving a natural drop and softening since they work by adhering to tissues and won't move as smooth implants do.

I believe that cohesive silicone gel implants were the right choice, and in someone as thin and breast-deflated as you, this is doubly true, as is submuscular placement. But smooth, not textured.

You "read" pseudo-ptosis correction should only be done with subglandular placement? I'm not sure where you read this almighty pronouncement, but it is no more "correct" than the preceding paragraph!

If your surgeon used textured implants, this may be my only difference of opinion here, and may well lead to a less aesthetic result as the texture may inhibit the dropping, softening, and settling that needs to occur to give you the best outcome. If your implants are smooth, then I agree with all of your surgeon's choices, and would ask that you remain patient, as your result will progressively get better!

Remiss--absolutely not. Awful--no way, and they will get better as time goes by. If textured, well, only time will tell. Surgical revision can improve this without a lift--you do NOT need a lift for your degree of pseudo ptosis. Click on the web reference link below and look at patients 5, 6, 11, 24, 27, and 31. Each of these patients have some degree of true ptosis and pseudoptosis I satisfactorily corrected with submuscular implants, some saline and some silicone (I use silicone much more commonly now than when FDA restrictions forced the use of saline). I rarely use textured implants, and would definitely do so if I was going submammary rather than submuscular, which I would definitely do in someone as thin as you and with as little breast tissue coverage.

BTW, if your implants were placed too high and cannot drop because of textured surface adherence, that would have happened regardless of above or below the muscle. And some surgeons would disagree with my suggestion that smooth implants only be used below the muscle. You may indeed have less-than-perfect aesthetic results at this early juncture, but not because your surgeon made an "incorrect" choice on your behalf.

"Truth" is rarely found by reading online. Except in what I write! See how silly that sounds. Your surgeon is still your best resource since none of us (including the writer of the subglandular placement only for pseudoptosis correction statement) has received our "perfection badge" in the mail yet. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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