Sneezed Through my Nose 12 Days After Septorhinoplasty

Oops I was making my kids sandwiches and, I sneezed without any warning and forgot myself and sneezed through the nose. It wasn't a big sneeze. But even so, I am worried I may have caused damage. It didn't hurt or anything. But I am annoyed with myself

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You are most likely ok, especially if no bleeding

You are most liekly ok, especially if you did not experience any bleeding.  However if you are very concerned I would suggest following up with your surgeon.

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Sneezing after Septorhinoplasty

In my post operative instructions we ask patients to try and sneeze through the mouth if possible while in the immediate recovery phase. Twelve days post surgery you are fine and this will not cause any problems in your healing. So don't be annoyed with yourself it is a natural reaction when sneezing. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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