Is Snap on Smile Bulky?

Is Snap on Smile Bulky?

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Is Snap on Smile Bulky?

Without a photo of your teeth is very hard to give an answer. Most patient that are looking for an improvement in their smile does not focus on the bulkiness, they only want a better smile. Keep in mind that is a great option but for a short term because it can not be kept for the rest of your life, most patients use it for special occasions. Look for a dentist that offers the procedure and does Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation, is better to have an idea is the doctor see your teeth/smile.

Fairfax Dentist

Is Snap On Smile Bulky?

  We have done three cases so far and one took a little more refinement than the other two.  The answer is, it does not have to looki bulky!  Two of our patients needed only the top arch we were able to bleach the bottom teeth which did not show as much and, with the bleaching, looked great with the snap on only on top teeth. The smile turned out great. One case was much harder because she needed both uppper and lower and had a small face and small mouth. We did it over two times and worked with a highly skilled lab person at Denmat and the final case looked fantastic.  You just have to find the right cosmetic dentist and make sure you see what cases he has done and how much experience he has had with this product and lab! 

Snap on Smile & Bulk

Snap on Smile looks best on people with smaller or retruded teeth. If your teeth are already large & bulky, or if they protrude, Snap on Smile might make them look worse.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Snap on Smile - Be Careful

Snap on Smiles seem to be a great way to get your teeth to look dramatically better in a short period of time and for a lot less money than traditional bonding or composite/porcelain veneers or crowns.  However, make sure you understand that this is something that is designed to come in and out, not stay in all the time.  it has to be taken care of properly and is not designed to be a permanent solution for a smile makeover.  Put it in for parties and special occasions but don't expect it to be the final fix. 


And Yes.....they can be bulky.

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