SmoothShapes and Laser Hair Removal

If Smoothshapes Applied to Body, Will the Laser Hair Removal Be Contraindicate?

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Smoothshapes for cellulite and additional laser hair removal treatment

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you wouldn't want to have laser hair removal and then apply smoothshapes with its suction as that could induce potential trauma and blistering to the lasered skin after hair removal treatment. Although there may not be damage or risk with doing the laser hair removal immediately after smoothshapes, unless a medical study investigates this, one can not guarantee that there wouldn't be some effect on the hair follicles from the light energy passing through the skin with smoothshapes that might negatively affect the laser hair removal. It would safest to perform these treatments on separate visit possibly a week apart (but the scientific answer is not available).

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SmoothShapes and Laser Hair Removal in the same area of the body

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SmoothShapes and Laser Hair Removal may be done in the same area of the body. Because either laser treatment may lead to some redness of the skin, it is best to separate the treatments in time by at least several days, or as soon as there is no noticeable redness from the preceding laser.

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