How to Smoothen Scar Bump on the Lip?

I had my lip pierced about two years ago. The woman who pierced it, actually pierced my bottom lip line. I now have a small white bump on my lip from what I'm assuming scar tissue. I'm really self conscious about it since it's on my lip, its not very noticeable to people, but I notice it.

Some days its more noticeable then others, I understand there is no way to get the scar to go away completely, I just want the bump to go away or be smoothed out, would going to a dermatologist be my best bet?

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Hypertrophic scar on the lips

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You most likely have a hypertrophic scar from the lip piercing and should be evaluated by a local board-certified dermatologist. You most likely will be offered intralesional steroid injection vs. punch excision which should not leave behind much scar as the scar lines can be hidden nicely along vermilion lip borders.

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