Which Smoothbeam Settings are Successful in Shrinking Sebaceous Glands?

Can anyone who has operated the Smoothbeam Laser please tell me the joule and spray settings, that have proven successful for shrinking sebaceous glands, based on the Fitzpatrick chart? Thank you.

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Smoothbeam laser for enlarged oil glands

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I have used the Candela Smoothbeam laser for more than 10 years and I have treated many cases of Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands on the face).  Typical settings I use in fair-skinned patients (Skin types I and II) are 18 Joules using the 4mm handpiece with 40ms of cryogen spray.  For more olive-complected patients (Type III) I go lower and treat at 17-17.5 with 35-38ms cryogen spray.  Caution must be used with this laser as these settings are high and it is very easy to get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or atrophy after treatment.  Hyperpigmentation and/or atrophy may sometimes result even when conservative settings are used.  I usually recommend a test spot be done first to ensure the patient will have no post treatment issues.  I do not use this laser on darker skin types as the risk of hyperpigmentation is virtually 100%.  Good luck

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