Are the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the Same Thing? Do They Do the Same Thing?

Is the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the same thing? Which one has the least side effects and which is the most effective for reducing a very oily face?

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Are Smoothbeam and Aramis the same type of Acne Laser?

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Hi Tylie.  Although these machines are not exactly the same, you are correct that these machines are very similar to each other.  The Aramis laser has a wavelength of 1540 nm and the Smoothbeam is 1450 nm.  This is a measure of the type of light used in each machine and means that the light is quite similar.  

The difference for us (and why we use the Aramis) is the cooling systems.  The Aramis cools with a glass chill window that contacts the skin and the Smoothbeam cools by spraying a cold (cryogen) gas on the skin.  With darker skin types we have seen that this gas can sometimes create brown spots and so we prefer the chill window on the Aramis.

As for the potential results, because the lasers are similar, the results should be similar.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tylie: The Aramis Laser penetrated deeper into the skin than the Smoothbeam Laser

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The Smoothbeam Laser emits 1450nm light and pentrates to about 300 microns into the skin (lest than 1/16th of an inch).  The Aramis laser penetrates deeper into the skin with 1540nm light.  The Aramis laser is more effective treating deeper acne lesions.  Aramis laser hurts much less than the Smoothbeam laser.  The Smootbeam Laser is used mainly in my office to tighten eyelid skin and the Aramis is used to treat deeper indivdual acne leasons.   My Favorite laser for treating acne is a modified Affirm laser that emits both 1320 and 1440nm light treating both superfical and deep lesions at the same time.  I removed the glass tip in the Affirm laser and put on a metal screen that allows airflow to pass through the tip of the hand piece.  This allows me to use the Cynosure Affirm Laser at full power and gives me a very effective acne-treating laser.    Using one treatment per week for four weeks has given us great results.

Mark Taylor, MD
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