Just Had my First Smooth Shape Session and my Skin Feels Very Dry. Is This Normal?

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Smooth Shapes

Your skin can be dry for lots of reasons, not common with Smooth Shapes, but certainly possible.  Try a rich moisturizer.  Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

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Dry Skin Post Smoothshape Treatment...

This is not commonly noted.  I always recommend patients to stay well hydrated after getting this treatment.  The lymphatic drainage can play a role in your recent experience with dry skin.  As well as the continuous massage/suctioning motion with the hand piece during the treatment.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Grant Stevens       

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It is not usual, but not abnormal perse. We have noticed many patients urinate more frequently following the procedure because of lymphatic drainage. The mechanical action can also dry the skin. We advise patients to stay hydrated and use a moisturizer

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