Smoking's Effect on Cheek Fat Grafts/Chin Implant?

I recently had a chin implant put in and fat grafted to my face on my cheeks and I regret doing so. I'd thought about it for years and finally did it, but it doesn't look natural and it's not me. I'm going to have the implant removed in a couple months, but understand the fat will be much harder to deal with. Can I undermine the "take" of the grafts by smoking, by cutting their oxygen supply in the meantime? This isn't something I'm proud of asking, but I really am dissatisfied with the results.

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Cheek Fat Grafting and Chin Implant dissatisfaction

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Dear EWillis,

I am not sure how far post surgery you are however you may still have swelling from the fat grafting and a percentage of the grafts will not "take" so some of the fullness will dissipate. Less is best in fat grafting and it is important that you simply replace the small amount of fat that has reduced during the aging process. If you add more fat then needed you will change the facial aesthetics and then the patient will have an unnatural look as you describe. Smoking will not be the answer in reducing their take. I have had a few patients come in my practice from other surgeons who have been over injected in the naso-labial area and I have removed this via a small syringe aspiration technique with nice results. Time is on your side so hopefully you will see some improvement in the next few months. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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