Can Smoking 6 Weeks Post-op Still Damage Breathing Results?

Hello! I am 7 weeks post rhinopasty. For a week now I've been smoking 5-8 cigarettes a day to calm me down in a stressfull period.. I've noticed inner swelling immediately, the nose seems to close up from the inside and I still can't breathe properly. Can 2-3 packs already influence the inner healing and scar tissue development? I hope I didn't damage anything permanently and of course stopped smoking..

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Smoking After Rhinoplasty

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Unfortunately, smoking can actually impact the healing process due to its activity on the small blood vessels. However, the exact effect on swelling, scar tissue formation, and overall healing is not known at this point.

My recommendation is to stop smoking immediately.  I also strongly suggest you go see your rhinoplasty surgeon for a full evaluation.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Smoking after Rhinoplaaty will decrease the healing process

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Smoking nicotine after surgery will decrease wound healing. With that said I do not believe you have caused permanent damage. Smoking nicotine disallows the proper blood flow and will cause excessive swelling inside and out. The swelling inside the nose will cause problems with your breathing. Abstain from smoking and you should be on the proper road to recovery.!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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