Is Smoking Before Rhynoplasty Cause for Prolonged Swelling Afterwards? (photo)

While I was not a heavy or daily smoker, I did smoke prior to having rhynoplasty done. Now almost 3 wks later I still have alot of swelling in my nose. Doctor did say I had alot of swelling during surgery which I thought nothing about because I do bruise easily & takes awhile to heal. Is smoking cause for swelling still & how can I reduce it?

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Rhinoplasty and smoking

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The most important thing to know, is that you will not see your final results for 9-12 months following your procedure.  Smoking certainly influences wound healing.  It is very important to avoid smoking in the post-operative period for this reason.  There is no reliable way to reduce the amount or duration of swelling other than time at this point.

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