Occasional Smoker. Okay to Quit 3 Weeks Before Surgery?

I smoke occationally with friends, only when i am having drinks, i have surgery in 3 weeks if i dont soke from this point on will i be ok?

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Occasional Smoker. Okay to Quit 3 Weeks Before Surgery?

I ask my patients to avoid smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery to minimize the risk for wound healing problems. If you can avoid smoking for longer than that then do so. The more time you spend away from smoking, the lower your risk for surgery ( and anesthesia )will become.

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Occasional smoker, quitting 3 weeks before surgery

Smoking brings a significant risk of cancer, stroke, heat attack, etc. From a Plastic Surgery standpoint it is a vasoconstrictor. Wound healing is all about getting oxygen and needed entities to the wound. It is well known that patients who smoke have a tremendous increase in their rate of serious complications, (infections, wounds falling apart, etc.). Nicotine is the main vasoconstrictor, so getting a patch or lozenge of nicotine won't help the vasoconstriction. Best to be off the tobacco/nicotine entirely before surgery. Please be honest with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Together you can make a plan to quit and proceed with surgery. The amount of time between quitting and surgery will depend on the Plastic Surgeon and the procedure.

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