Can Smiling Create a Deviated Silicone Implant? (Asian Female) (photo)

I recently received my first rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago (the stitches removed a week after surgery) and I was instructed not to express my nasolabial muscles excessively for about the following 4-5 weeks, due to possibility of deviation. I have had the occasional uncontrollable smile and laugh within the past month and have noticed recently that my nose is slightly deviated in the direction it used to be deviated in. Most likely due to my smiling? (goretex w/ silicone on top,cartilge tip)

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Smiling should not affect the results of nose implant surgery

Smiling and facial expression should not be a reason for the deviation of silicone implant. Your surgery was not too long ago and the nose is still swollen and uneven. Usually the implant once securely placed should not change its position.  However if you notice some deviation it could be a result of the improper implant placement. You should follow up with your surgeon and he will be able to check if the revision is needed.

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Can Smiling Create a Deviated Silicone Implant? (Asian Female)

IMHO, smiling and laughing isn't going to make the silicone dorsal implant move after your Rhioplasty.  There's something else going on that's causing the silicone implant to move off to one side.  You should see your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for evaluation and advice.  IMO, not much can be done at this point, just wait and see what it looks like in several months.  If it's still crooked, Revision Rhinoplasty to reposition the implant would most likely be required.  If you have an L-shaped silicone implant (which I do not recommend or use) there maybe other issues causing the nasal deviation.

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Silicone Nasal Implant Deviation

Smiling should not cause movement of a silicone nasal implant. Movement is possible if the pocket size and position are not perfect. This technique is more difficult when the implant is placed in a nose that is crooked before surgery. The exact position will be seen as healing progresses and swelling decreases. This is one reason why I rarely use silicone implants.

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Smiling and Deviated Nasal Implant

It is unlikely that smiling will cause a deviation if the implant is secured into place and the "pocket" is precisely made.  However, one of the recognized "complications" associated with silicone implants is mal-position and the ability of these implants to be in the wrong position or angulated. From you photos it is difficult to tell and you are only 4 weeks from surgery. Stay in close contact with your surgeon to ensure you continue to recover properly.  Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD
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Deviated Silicone Implant


Silicone implants work great if they are custom carved and placed properly in the right plane of the nose. If they are not place correctly they can deviate, move and/or get infected. I don't believe that smiling excessively would shift the implant.



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Asian Rhinoplasty - Deviated Silicone Implant

I prefer not to use silicone implants because of the issues associated with their use.  Depending on how the implant was placed, there is a possibility it could shift.  Please have close follow up with your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Deviate Septum Caused by Smiling and Laughing

I recommend you see your surgeon. The force of occasionally smiling and laughing will not cause your septum to deviate. The implant may not be properly placed.

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Smiling causing nasal implant deviation

I agree with most people on this board that there is a problem with the implant unrelated to smiling. I suspect your implant was an L shaped one extending to the tip.

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Nasal implant deviation

Smiling is very unlikely to cause deviation of a nasal implant.  The deviation is most likely due to implant placement and becoming more apparent as swelling has decreased.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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