Has Anyone Tried "Go Smile"?

I am trying to find a good home whitening product. Any suggestions?

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Over-the-counter whitening products

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The patients ask a popular question about over-the-counter whitening products, the major differences with professional kits. Professional whitening systems that are used only by dental professionals have FDA approval, they have been tested for safety, side effects, longevity of whitening effects in different clinical situation. The whitening gels for non-professional use (f.e. Go Smile) have less % of an active ingredient in order to avoid sensitivity and burns of gum tissue, thus have less profound clinical effects. Currently there are plenty of whitening products on the dental market, but such professional systems like Opalescence, Nite-White, Rembrandt and etc have the leading position for decades. Dentits prefer the whitening products that can give predictable results with very minimal risks or side-effects. When it comes to home use of whitening kits and toothpastes without dental professional monitoring the patient can overbleach the enamel, that with time will become brittle and transparent. 

Has Anyone Tried Go Smile?

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Actaully i have never heard of this over the counter whitening product. There is a vast array of whitening systems that can now be bought over the counter and some are more effective than others.  On some people, this over the counter whitening works great and Crest Whitening Strips have done a great job in whitening some of my younger patients teeth. However it takes time and constant application to maintain that white smile.  Most all dental practices now, know they are competing with many over the counter whitening products and consequently, have lowered their prices for whitening as well as offering different prices and options such as chairside with a light or take home products.  Dentists have access to much stronger whitening formulas than ones sold over the counter, and with a light, can achieve, in one hour,  with custom made trays, a wonderful result on most patients.  I think the Go Smile involves whiteiing brushes which are good in some ways because of the easy application, but in the long run, the old way of putting very concentrated bleach in trays and leaving it on for a period of time works better and whitens faster. It is your choice and choose wisely...you have only one set of teeth.....treat them with care!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Home Whitening Products that Work

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There are lots of options for home whitening.  Most only help with stain but if you are a younger person, I feel Crest Whitening Strips will do the job.  For real whitening, you will need help from your dentist.

If you want to keep stain off, there are more options;

Go-Smile Whitening Carpules are clever and as you clean your teeth with a custom scrub brush, it can take away stain and keep your smile brighter.  Go-Smile has a new whitening  system  with a lite but made a BIG mistake  with dentists by not letting us try it and evaluate it.   Therefore, I do not know if it works.    

Toothpastes like Supersmile and StarBrite can help you keep off stain and will keep your whitening updated once you have done some whitening professionally.

Talk to your dentist!!!  Great and successful options like KOR are available for those who really want the white-


Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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Go Smile may not be right for you.

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Over the counter bleaching products have small to average results. The trays are usually not custom made which is really my main concern. I dont want to swallow all that gel because of a sloppy tray..Get your dentist to make you trays custom and buy gel from him or her..Best way to do it..!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Good Home Whitening Product?

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The reality about home whitening products is that many of them work well for a small percentage of people. This then gets advertised that it will work well for everyone. It's simply not the case. They don't work well for most people.

I've done teeth whitening since 1989. A lot of things simply don't whiten well, or they make your teeth hurt a lot. 

I've seen some of my patients want to whiten, and try things at home thinking they will save money or just want to whiten a little. Most people wind up just wasting their time and throwing even the lower costs down the drain.

If you have ANY sensitivity to your teeth, don't waste your time or money on home whitening, it will hurt, and you will stop. If you are sensitive, start by talking with your cosmetic dentist about how to make your teeth less sensitive first. 

Some people shouldn't whiten at home. If you have had any fillings on or in between your front teeth, they may not match later, leaving you with white teeth and yellow fillings. If your teeth are really crowded, they won't whiten evenly.

Some people have gum recession. This can become REALLY sensitive with over the counter whitening. Again, it will hurt and you will stop, then just throw away what you bought.

Some people's teeth are difficult to whiten, some will only respond well to professional in office teeth whitening (like Zoom, Deep Whitening, Deep Bleaching or KOR teeth whitening).

So...if you want to dabble with it, try Crest White Strips, they work as well as anything for home. But you'll be surprised, you'll spend more on them than you think.

IF you have any of the conditions or issues I mentioned above, save those costs and time and sit down with your cosmetic dentist. Thanks- Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS


Home whitening

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There is a vast array of tooth whitening products available today.  Professional whitening, whether in the office or take home trays, is the most reliable and safe method.  These products have been tested and approved as a medical product by the FDA and are closely monitored by your dentist.  Additionally, their effects are the most long lasting.

Other whitening products include those available to the public on store shelves or commercial sources.  Some of these are safe, work well and have reasonable lasting results.  Some do not work well except in printed advertisements.  Still others can be quite caustic and damaging to the teeth. 

It is easy to get drawn in by all the marketing out there.  My suggestion is to talk with friends or co workers who have had success or other patients in the dental practice who have given their permission to act as referral sources. 

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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