Smile Makeover For 66 Year Old? (photo)

I am a 66 year old lady and am not happy with my smile. I went to a dentist, who took my photographs and X ray to treatment plan my case. I would however like another opinion from the experts on here as to how they feel they could improve my smile. I would like you to tell me the steps required and the time involved in the same. I am visiting the US for a month in December, let me know if it is possible to do my treatment in that timeframe. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Smile Makeover For 66 Year Old

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There are always a number of ways to treat the aesthetics of a smile but based on what you are showing in your pictures and on the desire for an improved smile I would suggest a combination of Veneer and Crown work would help you reach your desired goals.

Generally in a case, such as yours, you begin with diagnostic records, such as photos, models, and radiographs (X-Ray films). This will provide the doctor with the proper tools to help guide your treatment to its optimum outcome. These records can all be taken in a single session and a diagnostic wax up (wax veneers and crowns on study models of your teeth - ie a blue print of your proposed case) can be produced within a few days.

The diagnostic wax up is important not only for a guide towards your final outcome but also provided your dentist with the tools necessary to create beautiful temporary veneers and crowns for your teeth during the treatment period.

The work at the lab, to create the final crowns and veneers, may take up to two weeks depending on the lab, but can be rushed in many cases where time is an issue. Remember, the more time you have the temporary crowns and veneers on , the more time you have to change the look of them. if you are satisfied with the look of the temporaries relatively quickly then you can move to finals quickly also.

The photo's show you have a nice smile arc and show about 6 teeth per side on the upper. There is also some gum showing on the upper teeth un your smile photo, something that can be modified with laser work to help create a beautiful end result and optimize the length and shape of your teeth

The lower crowns stand out and it would be ideal to replace those and try to improve the colour with new, non-metal crowns.

All in all. you could have a wonderful result and have it all done within your time constraints if you work very closely with the dentist and lab. you may have to pay a little extra to get all the work completed faster but that is an option also.

I would love to see the final results if you move ahead with this case so please share with us if you can.

Vancouver Dentist

A Smile Makeover for a 66 year old

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Yes! You will not only have crowns, veneers or bridges, but change your life! You will feel more confident; with a sparkling smile, that one you always wanted. I have had many cases like yours. Surf the net and review Dentists websites, check their before & after’s and you will find cases like yours, which we can change shape, size and even color within 10 days.

Smile Makeover for 66yo Woman

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First let me congratulate you for taking an interest in your smile. There are many ways to "skin a cat"! If you are only in the US for 1 month, then you are very limited in what can be done. An ideal smile makeover, in your case, would involve recontouring your gum line, as well as replacing your old crowns/bridges, and fabricating new crowns/bridges and Veneers throughout your mouth, including changing your vertical dimension (your bite).

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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