Smile Makeover Recommendations for Stained Teeth?

Compared with other veneers, do Lumineers offer more or less coverage for stained teeth? For someone who has straight, healthy teeth with permanent stains, do dentists generally prefer one type over the other?

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Porcelain veneers to mask stains

In my opinion, Lumineers is not a very esthetic type of porcelain veneer.   There are others out there such as Emax that offer superior esthetics and strength as well.  To get an idea of what you like and the skill of the cosmetic dentist that you are visiting, ask to see close up views of their work,  not full facial views.  Observe if you think the teeth look to bulky or natural.  Take a look at the layering of color on the veneers as well.  Also look at a lot of the cases.

Hope this helps and porcelain veneers are really a nice option for many smiles.

Good luck



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Smile makeover with Veneers or Lumineers for Stained Teeth

You can try teeth whitening first to see if that makes a difference, It is the less invasive procedure. If this does not work that I would stay away from Lumineers. Lumineers only work well on teeth that are fairly white and have spaces between them., otherwise they appear bulky and unnatural. They are very thin, break easily and do not block out dark spots very well.  I would use procelain veneers if the whitening does not work. Porcelain veneers will truly give you a beautiful smile.

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Lumineers would only work if you have relatively white teeth with big spaces between them and the teeth are canted intwards. Otherwise, skip them. They are too thin, break easily, cant block out dark teeth and often create a ledge at the gumline that traps food and causes gigivitis.

The best veneers are Empress veneers which can last a lifetime.

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Thin veneers do not mask stains well

Lumineers are very thin and do not block colors very well. To mask color, there is a minimum thickness, but unless the teeth are altered these will appear bulky. Some have bleached their teeth prior to veneers, but all bleaching is temporary. When the darkness returns, the veneered teeth cannot be bleached again, so the color is unsatisfactory. Without seeing you, I can only guess, but I would likely suggest something other than lumineers.

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Smile Makeover For Stained Teeth

The answer to this question depends on how stained that your teeth are.  If there is significant stains, then I would stay away from Lumineers and go with a traditional type of veneer.  Lumineers have a tendency to look too opaque and fake when trying to cover darkly stained teeth.  In my opinion, there is nothing worse than spotting a badly done veneer case from 10 feet away!  This can happen with Lumineers.  Traditional veneers do require the removal of some tooth structure, but this allows for a much more natural result. 

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Porcelain Veneers for Stained Teeth

Generally speaking, Lumineers work best for straight teeth without deep,stubborn stains because they are very thin porcelain "shells" that are directly bonded onto your unaltered teeth.  If your teeth are healthy and have ideal proportions, Lumineers can make your smile appear bulky.  Traditional porcelain veneers have a wider range of flexibility as far as thickness of porcelain, opacity to block out any deep, dark stains, color control and thus, ultimately, aesthetic outcome.  That being said, Lumineers have a narrow treatment indication and require careful patient selection to achieve a predictable, long-term functional and aesthetic result.  Make sure you do your research and find an experienced cosmetic dentist who can thoroughly evaluate your current dental condition and help you to make an informed and educated decision about your smile makeover, as this is a big investment of your time and resources - and you only get one set of teeth.  Hope this helps!

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What is the best option to hide discolored teeth

It is difficlut to answer this question because, some stains will be removed by whitening, some by bonding, some by very thin veneers ,and some with more opaque  an thick ones. Personally my favorite is not lumineers, although there may be a situaion/case  that it could be a good option. I just have not come acoss it as of yet !

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Best Smile Makeover Recommendations for Stained Teeth

There can be a wide range of stains. For more mild ones, there are a lot of options, like teeth whitening, bonding, ICON, or microbrasion. For more major stains, then veneers are sometimes the best way to get the most beautiful smile makeover.

Lumineers can block a lot of staining, however anything that is really opaque can also look unnatural. You can wind up with really white, but fake looking teeth. In the end, maybe that's not really a great improvement. The best result is a mixture of natural light coming through your teeth and veneers. Most of the time I recommend veneers, but not necessarily Lumineers.

A great cosmetic dentist can talk you through your choices. There are pros and cons with each one. The right answer for you is to first decide exactly what you want to improve, then what you are willing to have done to your teeth to accomplish it.

Your cosmetic dentist should be able to find the right treatment. 

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Smile makeover for stained teeth

It is really hard to give you an opinion unless we examine you but Lumineers which require little to no preparation and veneers which require some minor tooth preparation should be the last resort. Cleaning and whitening are much more conservative and you may like the results without having to do any tooth preparation. Ask your dentist what type of whitening they do and ask to see before and after shots to give you a better idea what can and can't be done

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Smile Makeover for stained teeth

Without examining you first it’s hard to recommend treatment.  I have many patients who requested veneers when I first met them.  I always try to perform a thorough cleaning first, then whitening their teeth.  Some have had such great results that they no longer needed or wanted veneers.  Thus, saving them money, time and any discomfort.   If you indeed have “straight, healthy teeth” I would try cleaning and whitening them first.

If you’re still unsatisfied with the results than veneers or lumineers are your next option.  Depending on how your teeth are shaped, adding additional thickness may not look good.  Lumineers are ultra thin.  But since the tooth is not shaved down they do add additional bulk to the tooth.  Traditional veneers involve shaving down the tooth and are less bulky.  Good Luck!

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