Smile Makeover - Crown Lengthening/Zirconia Crowns/Braces? Cost? (photo)

Having had a lot of dental work as a child and teenager, which has left me with an unattractive smile, at the age of 26 i have decided to do something about it.8 crowns for the top as well as replacement bridges at the bottom. What would be the process and time frames which would yield the best results? I was told I need braces for the two molars which have come down at the top ( due to removal of adult teeth when i was a child ) but im not sure i can afford it & if my teeth are strong enough.

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Smile Makeover

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Based on the photos of your current situation, I would recommend comprehensive orthodontic treatment before any crowns/bridges are done.  Your teeth will be in a much better position for the long term and likely treatment will be less aggressive and last longer.  If you are going to make that investment in your smile, start with the right foundation. 

Ontario Dentist

Smile Makeover at Age 26

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From your photos, you would appear to need major orthodontic treatment (not Invisalign) before attempting any crowns or bridges. That is the only way you will wind up with a satisfactory result.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

You are a good candidate for a smile makeover

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If you are looking for an extreme dental makeover, then, I suggest Crowns (some root canals will be needed in your case), you have an overbite, in fact you have a deep overbite and you can make a big change, we can also work with the gums to make them look even, and with the crowns we are able to change color and size of your teeth.With crowns all over your teeth we can change the type of bite you currently have.

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