Smile Makeover - Cost of Crowns + Implants

How much do dental implants and crowns cost?

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Cost of Crowns and Implants in Smile Makeover

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The costs of a smile makeover will vary depending on where you live. Major cities tend to have higher fees, as do the east and west coasts versus the midwest. As for implants and crowns, check around in your area, the fees will fall mostly within a certain range. You should try to find someone you trust within that price range. Fees that are unusually low often mean either cheaper non-brand name implant parts, offshore labs, lower quality materials, or inexperienced doctors are involved. There are many variables such as bone grafting, number of teeth, type of implants and type of crowns. In the Cleveland, Ohio area where I practice, $4000 for a single tooth (including surgery and restoration) would be a rough ballpark number for an implant.

Cleveland Dentist

Smile makeover cost depends on your location

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Just like with Real Estate, geography will play a role. Rural Iowa will charge less than Manhattan. It also relates to where in the mouth the implant is placed, as the bone in some areas are better suited for implants than others.

Restoring implants comes in 3 parts, the implant body, the abutment (attaches to the implant) and the crown (cemented to the abutment). Implant bodies can range from $1600 to $3200, abutments for $300 to $800 and crowns from $1200 to $2200. This is a guess or estimate, so "don't quote me"!

Sometimes you will hear ads for cheaper implants, say for $400. What should be asked is what will the other parts cost? A $400 implant likely has a $1000 abutment and $2000 crown. This is the same cost in the end as an office that charges $2000 for the implant, $400 for the abutment and $1000 for the crown.

Smile makeover

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Smile makeover/ full mouth reconstruction can be the most challenging treatment and it usually depends on the patient`s needs first and baseline situation. Such comprehensive treatment can involve saving or extraction of multiple teeth, implant placement, bone/ soft tissue grafts, sinus augmentation. The major difference in price will depend upon type of final restorations - removable, removable on implants or teeth, fixed, etc. And as with every type of treatment the functional component should be a leading factor. The final cost can vary tremendously and will be defined during the treatment plan process. Average cost for implant placement can be in the range 1300- 2000$, PFM crown 950-1500$. Usually this type of treatment is a big commitment and quite an investment almost for every patient that is why it is important to be absolutely clear about all the steps of treatment process and final result.

Cost for smile makeover using Dental Implants and Crowns

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The fees for implants and crowns will vary based on how simple the case. Also, where your dentist is located may affect the cost (e.g. if your dentist is in Beverly Hills, the fees may be higher). In the Atlanta area a simple implant placement (without bone graft, general anesthesia, etc) will run you between $2000 and $3000.

The abutment and crown placed on the implant will cost between $1500 and $3000.

Smile makeover in Cancun Mexico

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Here the prices are $990 US per implant, plus $270 US for the abutment and $450 US per porcelain crown. We only use American brands in implants and the same materials as used in  the United States. It is also possible to build bridges over those implants or an All on 4, depends mostly on your budget and what you are looking for.

Implant and Crown Fees

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Fees for dental implants and crowns vary widely.  Factors such as urban vs. rural office location, proximity to major cities, East/West coast vs. mid US, materials choice, lab expense and skill/experience/demand of the practitioner can have a major impact on treatment fees.  Crowns can vary in type of porcelain, gold or precious metal content of the underlying alloy, oversees vs. domestic dental lab and artistic skill of the lab technician.  Implant case fees are effected by implant manufacturer, material type, degree of surgical placement difficulty and whether customized or off-the-shelf components must be used to restore the case.

Get a consultation and estimate from a dentist you trust to conduct the procedure.  Compare the quote to what your budget allows.  Then only you can determine what areas you may be willing to compromise to meet your budget requirements.  Remember, do the job right the first time and complications will be avoided.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Smile Makeover with Dental Implants

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A few things will influence the cost of your Smile Makeover.

  • Location
  • Pre Implant Surgery...will teeth need to be extracted? Bone Grafting? 
  • Type of Implants that will be used.  A two piece implant will be more expensive than a one piece implant.
  • Type of Abutment.  Stock abutments (the part of the implant that comes out of the gum for the crown to hold onto) will cost less than a custom ceramic (tooth colored) abutment.
  • Type of Crown
  • Skill of the Dentist - you are in the end paying for his/her skill

I general terms I think the body of the dental implant will be around $1500 - $2000.  The abutment if needed will be around $500.  The porcelain crown will be around $1000-2000.  This does not include any additional procedures that your smile makeover may require.

Best regards,

Paresh B Patel 

Paresh B. Patel, DDS
Mooresville Dentist

Dental implant and crown fees vary depending on your location

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The range for the actual implant fixture (titanium post in bone) is $1300-4000, for the abutment (post sticking out from the implant) $200-1000, and the actual crown that comes on top $1000-2500. Beware of offices which advertise "dental implants for $400. The actual raw overhead is more than that. Those offices may be using non FDA approved products, or simply inferior ones. The pain and aggravation when those fail is not worth the savings. On a lighter note, some insurance companies are starting to cover implants at fair fees for the patient and the practitioner.

Anca Bazile, DDS
New York Dentist

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