Smile Lines/Nasolabial Folds at 30, Filler or Laser? (photo)

I went to my dermatologist for filler injections for my smile lines, she said they aren't deep enough and the face will look swollen with fillers. She suggests I either get fractional laser or PRP. I have done some research, PRP doesn't seem reliable and before and after pictures of fractional laser don't seem convincing. What do I do? Is it possible to inject a little amount of fillers injected in the lines? Is it liquid of jelly? Also can the filler shift to another place of the face?

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Filler for 30 Year Old?

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Hi Mel.  We disagree with your MDs assessment.  You are a good candidate for fillers for nasolabial folds and the only way you would look overfilled is if the MD uses too much product. 

PRP is a service that is still unproven and we do not feel it is superior in the consistency of the outcomes to traditional dermal fillers.

Finally, fractional laser resurfacing will not do much if anything for your folds.  It's great for fine lines and acne scars, but this is not your issue.  

Look for another office that can help with fillers.

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