Chin Reduction for More Proportioned Face when Smiling?

My features in my face all over arr okay when I'm not smiling. But when I'm smiling, my face looks out of proportion. A big part of the problem is my chin since it seems to grow in size as i smile. I've been considering a chin reduction surgery. Another thing is, will this affect my smile in a good way, or do I need to have other things done too to get my face in balance like my nose, which also grows larger as I smile?

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Chin reduction surgery

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It may be best for you to initially be seen by your dentist or oral surgeon to determine if your dentition or mandilbe or maxilla are not appropriately proportioned. There are x-rays which can be obtained to help make this determination. If the problem is skeletal, corrections can be accomplished. If the problem is due to soft tissue, this may be a more difficult problem to correct and may have a more likely possibility of interfering with your smile.

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