I Can't Smile with my Chin Implant After 9 Months

I had a chin implant done 9 months ago. Now, I can't smile as wide as I usually could. My lower lip does not go down and my whole face has a tight look when I smile. I asked my doctor and he said that it would go away in a year. However, it has already been 9 months and most swelling has already subsided. What's the problem here? Will it go away or is there something wrong with the implant?

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Nerve damage after chin augmentation.

One of the common risks of chin augmentation is damage to the marginal mandibular nerve which helps to lower the bottom lip and show your teeth during a smile.  One or both sides can be affected.

After 9 months all the swelling is gone and unless you have seen some gradual improvement in the movement of your lower lip then likely your chances of having any return of function of that nerve are minimal at best.

You need to discuss this with your surgeon.

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