Can't Smile After CO2 on Lower Eyes and Dysport? (photo)

I'm 10 days post - CO2 laser and Dysport to smooth lower eyes and crow's feet. PS injected local anesthesia. (Type and power of laser unknown). I'm pleased with results, but can't smile and only my lower teeth show when I talk. Is this from swelling that still remains (some puffiness in cheeks, upper lip and jowls)? A nicked nerve (though there's no numbness or pain)? Or from the Dysport? I've been following all post treatment instructions to a T. Any help or encouragement welcome.

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Combining a CO2 laser at same time as Dysport will lead to migration of Dysport

What appears to have happened is that the Dysport has afferted the zygomaticus muscles, thus you are not able to lift upper lip/mouth.  Although the injections could have been accurately placed, the error is when is was done at same time as CO2.  Because of swelling from the CO2, the Dysport has affected a larger area.  Unfortunately, it will remain like it is for about 3-4 months with no remedy.  


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