SMAS Lift Technique Results?

Minas Constantinedes says (in his website video) that a plain SMAS lift gives just a pull close to the ear and therefor the patient develop in five years theis streaky lines and kinda funny looking faces. Has enyone else notised this to? Dr. C. therefor uses a technique that lifts the whole SMAS, called a composite lift or deep plane lift.

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SMAS facelift vs. others.

It is completely normal to be concerned and a bit anxious about undergoing surgery. There are many ways to get good results in plastic surgery.  The "correct" plane during a facelift is one of those controversial subjects we argue about at plastic surgery meetings.  The SMAS facelift has really become the "gold standard." While there is always risk to any surgery, the construct of a SMAS facelift is quite safe and effective. It is often a good idea to discuss the operation in detail with a few experienced surgeons. Ask questions, and tell him your concerns. Together you will come up with an appropriate plan that is right for you.

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SMAS Lift vs Composite Lift results and recovery

I guess this means that in his hands he has not mastered the SMAS technique. Most board certified plastic surgeons with a majority of their practice being facelifts would disagree with these comments. I am one of these. . A composite lift is losing favor among many plastic surgeons due to the very long recovery time. It moves tissues at a deep plane level close to the bone in many areas lifting all tissues more superficial including the SMAS. As this is not the location for tissue aging it makes less sense than turning back anatomically the aging process more

There are many variations of a SMAS lift. I prefer the Lite Lift which has a dramatically quicker recovery than the composite lift.  

More important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Pick the best and you will not regret it.

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SMAS Facelift versus Deep Plane Facelift

A well executed SMAS facelift allows for mobilization and movement of facial fat.  This technique provides for precision in the lift because the SMAS can be mobilized in many different directions.  The composite or deep plane lift moves the tissues in only one vector and gives more limited results.  Patients who have had deep plane procedures also seem to have more prolonged swelling after the procedure. 

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SMAS lift technique results

When performing the SMAS technique it is important to limit the amount of undermining of the face, which causes the streaking effect.  The vector of pull during the facelift is just as important so as not to give a windswept look.  We perform a composite SMAS lift and avoid these streaking appearances.  

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SMAS Facelift is a great procedure

A SMAS facelift is a great procedure when done by an experienced plastic surgeon.  Any procedure can have an undesirable result if not done properly, done for the wrong reasons, or done on the wrong patient.  You need to let your surgeon decide what is best for you, rather than shop for a certain procedure.

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Smas lift vs. Deep plane lift.

The type of Lift is depends on the skill of the surgeon and the type of facial aging a person has. See another surgeon with questions you have raised and a discussion of why he does the type of lift he thinks you need.

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Best technique for a facelift.

There are many types of facelifts: Subperiosteal, Deep Plane, SMAS lift, SMAS Plication, Skin lift, S facelift etc.  The key to facial rejuvenation is knowing how to perform all the different techniques, how to find out what improvements the patient is interested in, how to evaluate the patient as to their needs - and then sitting down and explaining what may be the best options to obtain a natural, beautiful result with the least downtime and the least risk of complications.  Facial Rejuvenation is really an art.  You need to have an educated artist, an experienced surgeon, and someone with the same taste in results as you have.  Look at before and after results to see the individual doctors opinion of good results and what he thiks is the best option for you and your aging problems.

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SMAS Needs To Be Lifted by Some Reliable Method

Performing various types of Face Lifts for over 20 years, I've learned that the SMAS needs to be lifted by some reliable method and the degree of pull is secondary to the final shape of the midface (cheek and NLF's).  No matter what depth the SMAS and tissues are elevated, the Cheeks must be full and round in women and high and narrow in men to give the face a naturally, attractive appearance.

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SMAS facelifts clarified

There is no one way to do a SMAS facelift and there are many bad results out there.  Just as there are good and bad deep plane facelift results.  Facelifts are an art form and no 2 surgeons are alike or are equally talented.  The same patient will get vastly different results depending on who does their surgery.

Rather than your getting too involved in the technical details which are beyond your "training" to understand, my advice is to look at NUMEROUS pre and postop facelifts with early and late results shown from any doctor you are considering.  Look for the best, most natural results and you will have found your doctor.

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SMAS Facelift Techniques

There are many excellent facelift techniques which surgeons use to meet the needs of each patient. Select a good experienced surgeon, not a technique.

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