SmartXide for Nasolabial Folds, Crepey Skin, and Crow's Feet?

Is SmartXide laser a good option for dealing with nasolabial folds, crepey skin, and crow's feet? Will the results be permanent, or temporary yet longer-term compared to Botox and fillers?

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Smartxide is good for skin and wrinkles, but not for folds!

It will do nothing for nasolabial folds, these are better addressed with fillers and/or a midface lift.  Crepey skin and crow's feet would respond well to a combo of Botox and the Smartxide laser.  This may take 2-3 treatments with the laser to get the result you are looking for, but will be well worth it!  I hate to recommend this because it is just a marketing ploy, but google "madonna lift" for results that you can get around the eyes with the Smarxide laser.

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