Smartxide Dot Therapy for Skin Tightening?

Does Smartxide Dot therapy do much for skin tightening? Does is give a bit of lift or youthful, less sagging skin? Is it mainly for acne?

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DOT gives excellent results for facial skin tightening

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The DOT laser is a CO2 laser delivered in a Fractional mode (i.e. little dots with intervening areas of normal skin). This has been shown to give results equivalent to the traditional ablative CO2 lasers with less down time and reducing the risk of skin lightening.

It may require more than one treatment, but with each treatment you get improvement. We have seen significant skin tightening with the DOT on facial areas. I don't think you will be disappointed. Our patients love it "100%".

Medford Plastic Surgeon
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Don't expect much

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As of yet there have not been instruments developed that can generate a significant amount of skin tightening. Note the 41% satisfaction with Thermage, the dominant machine of this kind on the market. If you proceed with the treatment, keep your expectations of skin tightening very low.

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