How Can I Address Redness Under Eyes Post Smartxide Dot Laser?

I had smartxide dot laser done under the eyes and mouth two weeks ago. The area under the mouth has heeled nicely - very little discoloration. However the area underneath the eye is still severely red. I am worried that this may be permanent. How long would redness last and will it fade? I have fair/ light skin. What are the chances that it may be permanent and if so are there ways of addressing it? As a guy makeup is not really an option. Thanks for the help (I am panicking a bit!)

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Redness should reduce over the next 4-6 weeks - no need to panic.

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Without all the details of your treatment  and a consultation it is not possible to give you specific advice. However, the lower eyelid skin is quite delicate and it appears that you received a "stronger" treatment that is taking longer to heal. In the short term I would suggest using a small amount of concealer or tinted sunscreen until the redness fades.

It is likely that your prolonged redness could indicate that you are in for a more significant improvement in the skin texture and tone. If another treatment is recommended, discuss the expected recovery time with the Specialist who provided the treatment. A shorter period of redness usually means less skin improvement. Hope this is helpful for you.

Dr. Mosher

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