1 Month After Smartlipo Under the Eyes, When Will this Heal?

hello.smartlipo under the eyes 1 month ago.wath to do?

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Under the Eyes Far from SmartLipo

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With aging we lose facial fat and experience aging. We have learned in recent years we need to restore fat volume rather than remove fat from the face. So to remove fat from the face hoping to make it appear younger is bad enough but to do it with liposuction within a short distance of the eye balls, facial expression and eye muscles and sensory nerves and facial movement nerves is reckless. To do so with a very hot laser fiber, if indeed that is Wat was done, is breathtakingly reckless in my opinion and I seriously doubt would be done by a real board-certified Plastic surgeon. 

At this point you demonstrate prolonged bruising which would probably resolve with time. The dark pigmentation however may be permanent if it s a breakdown component of hemoglobin  containing iron called hemosiderin. 

You may wsh to nonsult a Plastic surgeon of Opthalmic cosmetic surgeon if you have any questions. 

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