I Had Smartlipo Done 3 Weeks Ago on my Inner and Outer Thighs, but I Feel More Swollen in Week 3 Than I Did in Week 1?

Initially right after the procedure i could see some results but now when i look in the mirror 3 weeks later i look bigger. Is this swelling or should i be concered that this didnt work on me

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Swelling after Smartlipo

If you saw results the day following the procedure, remember that because you should see that result again.  The swelling which develops over the 2-3 weeks following the procedure doesn't even begin to resolve until about 4 weeks later.  It will then take up to 6 months to see your final result, particularly in the thighs.  Be patient and wear your compression garment to help swelling resolve more quickly.

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Smartlipo and swelling

Typically with Smartlipo you will see results almost immediately after the procedure. A few days later you will notice swelling to the areas, be sure to wear the compression garment to help control the swelling. This is completely normal, have patience while our healing.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Swelling after Smartlipo at 3 weeks

Swelling after Smartlipo usually starts the day after the procedure and takes up to 6 or more months to completely dissipate.  However, much of the swelling will be gone after 8 weeks on the thighs.  It is completely normal to look bigger at 3 weeks than you did the next day because of the swelling.

Lawrence Osman, MD
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3 weeks after surgery you are still swollen, it takes 6-9 months for you to be able to see final results.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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