Smartlipo Vs. Velashape for Cellulite?

What is the difference in results to cellulite with Smartlipo and that of Velashape? what is the cost of Smartlipo?

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SmartLipo and VelaShape can both treat Cellulite

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Cellulite is the "lumpy-bumpy" cottage cheese, or "orange pee"l appearance to the skin, common on the buttocks, back, side and front of the thighs. Fat is the stuff you can grab with you hands under the skin that can lead to fullness and distended areas of our contours (saddle bags, love hands, etc).

A patient with focal, localized areas of fat may or may not have cellulite. The Velashape is a completely non-invasive RadioFrequency, suction and InfraRed heating and massaging device that has been shown to be beneficial for both modest reduction of localized fat and smoothening cellulite. SmartLipo is a laser lipo device that is used to melt fat and coagulate blood vessels prior to their gentle removal with liposuction. Smartlipo can also be used as a heating tool under the skin and has been shown, when used in this fashion, to be very effective for cellulite improvement. Another "under the skin" heating tool is Radiofrequency assisted Liposuction, or Bodytite, which some US based plastic surgeons as reporting good cellulite results with. 

Smartlipo and other "under the skin" heating devices also come with more risk. Before embarking upon any treatment plan from this discussion, you must seek a consultation with a certified aesthetic physician with experience in all modalities of cellulite treatment.  Cellulite is a poorly understood disease and its treatment often requires a life time commitment.

SmartLipo is not really meant for cellulite, but Velashape is

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While no treatment is really a panacea for cellulite, Velashape is the correct answer here if you are serious about treatment. SmartLipo may actually make cellulite worse!

As far as costs go, these can vary greatly. If you go to a run of the mill place, your costs (and results) may be minimal! Cost is highly different from place to place, but beware as many places lowball and then include nothing after the procedure in the prices... SmartLipo varies in cost, as well.

Good luck!

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