What Happens to Stretched Skin Once Fat is Liposuctioned?

does the stretch skin go back to normal after liposuction or smartlipo

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There has been no scientific study done that I have seen...

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There has been no scientific study done that I have seen that proves the claim that Smartlipo tightens skin more than mother nature after fat is removed. Skin that is thick and elastic will shrink well regardless of the lipo technique. Skin that is loose, poorly elastic, in excess, and has multiple stretch marks will not shrink very well no matter what you do.

As a test at home, if you take your hand and wiggle the area where you want liposuction and let go and the tissues continue to wiggle for more that a split second, you probably have poor elasticity and won't be thrilled with any kind if liposuction, smart or traditional.

Unfortunately for you, those doctors who have paid a lot of money to buy Smartlipo equipment will try to sell the procedure to you to pay off the cost of the machinery. So beware. But what a clever name - you've got to hand it to their marketing guys!

Smart Lipo - Skin Tightening

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Laser Lipo (whether SmartLipo or Cool Lipo) may have skin tightening benefits for some patients. The degree of skin tightening is highly variable, and is dependent on a number of factors ranging from skin quality to physician technique. For some patients who do have some skin tightening, the amount of success may be very limited.

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