What is the Safe Setting for Neck Smartlipo?

I had Smart lipo on my neck, and he said up to 4000 was a safe setting. I went home on fire and went back in two days. They said I had a major sinus infection. Is 4000 too high of a setting for Smart lipo on the neck? I had red and white patches in my throat, and I had to ice the area. Can u ice and still get results?

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The exact settings depend a great deal on your age, the desired goal and the "way" the doctor does the procedure. What is right for patient "A" maybe wrong for patient "B". If you really have " white patches" in your throat, that to me means that you have a strep infection inside your mouth located at the throat region. I do not think this is what you are trying to say / ask -- maybe wrong. If you really have a sinus infection, this should be treated independent to your SmartLipo procedure. Perhaps you should get throat cultures. At a minimum, stay in contact with your doctor.

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