Is It True That a Second Smartlipo Procedure is Necessary to Correct Dimpling?

I am the outcome of a poor result with Smart lipo. I am being told that all Smart lipo procedures are not a one time procedure and that the reason(s) that the result is not smooth is because a touch up is necessary. Is this true? Honestly, I cannot afford anymore devastating results to my body. I really need your honesty. Also, I am being advised of a secondary Smart lipo w/o much fat removal. (called skin smoothing and re-attaching skin to muscle) along with tri-active laser treatments. Good move for my case. Every day I am noticing more and more contour problems. Need your expertise.

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Smartlipo Touchup

From the pictures, it looks like you have divots which are very difficult to fix if possible at all.  Without pre-op pictures it is difficult to comment on your results.  However, I doubt that a secondary procedure will make much of a difference.  It is very important that you see a highly trained, board certified plastic surgeon whenever you are having a plastic surgery procedure.  Good luck.

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