Smart Lipo by an OD Not an MD?

i checked and the doctor i went to see is certified only by the american osteopathic board of surgery. he seemed very nice and i felt comfortable but then alarm bells rang when i did not find his name as a board certified plastic surgeon. he said he is a OD trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery - i have never heard of an OD. Please advise.

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OD or MD

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There is no such thing as an OD. They are DO's.  They go to a differnt type of school for medical training. It is really a gray area.  As long as the DO went through training in plastic surgery, it is probably OK.

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Osteopaths can do liposuction if they have the credentials of training

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If a physician has the same training in liposuction, then he or she may peform liposuction whether they are an osteopath or a medical doctor. The osteopath has a D.O. degree, not an OD degree and as you mentioned they are boarded by the Amer. Osteopathic board, I assume your mention of O.D. is a typographical error.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Smartlipo by an OD

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An OD is an Optometry Doctor.  They are eye doctors, but never went to medical school.  Usually they do eye exams and sell glasses.  In almost all states they are not licensed to perform surgery. 

Did you mean a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy)?  DO's can be trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  You might want to find out more about your "doctor".  It is certainly confusing for the public.

Yoash R. Enzer, MD, FACS
Providence Oculoplastic Surgeon

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SmartLipo and DO's

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The most important things that you want to know from a physician doing a procedure on you are: board certification, experience, photos and talking with other patients that have had the same procedure as you.  Although board certified plastic surgeons (usually MD's, but not always) tend to have the most experience and can present you with alternatives, some DO's have had excellent training in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  Again, ask the questions above and get a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon and ask the same qeustions. 

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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