Skin Was Tighter Before Smartlipo

I'm 24 years old, stay very active and fit; but due to my mother's genes I couldn't ever get my abdomen, flanks, and thighs how I wanted them so after much research I opted for smartlipo. I had it done on July 7th and certainly noticed fat was taken out, but I feel like my skin was tighter BEFORE the procedure. I know its still early, but realistically when should I expect a final result. I'm having endermologie done tomorrow which my doc pushes to help even out skin. Any thoughts?

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It takes at least 6 months after liposuction to see something close to your final result

Be patient.  Watch the amount of sodium in your diet--soups, fried foods, packaged/processed foods, etc.  Cut the sodium as much as you can.  Wear your compression garment until you don't notice any fluctuations in swelling anymore.  Endermologie is a good idea, too, or at least good lymphatic massage.  Give it at least 6 months.

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Skin tightness takes six months after liposuction

you may notice looseness because of fluids (swelling). Fibrosis occurs and is a process in which the body produces more collagen as a result of the procedure and this acts as a tissue "glue" underneath the skin in its dermis, or infrastructure. This collagen formation continues for six months after the procedure.

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