Permanent Damage from Smartlipo on the Neck?

I an an esthetician at a practice and I recently saw a patient that had Smartlipo on her neck. She had the procedure about 3-4 weeks ago and is experiencing some paralysis. When she talks it is not very clear and when she lays down it is much worse. She says she has people asking her often if she has had a stroke. It is possible there was damage during the Smartlipo procedure or could it just be temporary?

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Liposuction and nerve weakness

Neuropraxia is a condition in which the nerve "goes to sleep" for a temporary time. It is possible that this patient's situation will recover over many months to a year or more. Whether done with conventional tumescent liposuction or smart liposuction, there is a chance that the marginal mandibular nerve can be weakened under the jaw on the side of the neck. When the person opens their mouth, it is the other or unaffected side that opens, but the side on which the nerve is asleep doesn't respond so it can look as if the person had a stroke on the other side as it droops down. A neurologist may be able to help sort out the condition.

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