Looking Worse SmartLipo 7 Days Later

I had it done on my upper and lower abdoman and back. I had severe pain where I almost passed out. I was so nausous I vomitted from the pain. Vicotin was prescribed but didn't work so it took 2 full days of 20 mg Oxicontin 2x's a day for me to finally move better on the thrd morning. Not well but better. It is 7 days and I am hopefully swollen. My skin is sore to the touch. In the pictures I look better but like I said I looked better the first day. Any feedback? Am I swollen or is this it? Help? This procedure cost $6,000 just for the back and ab area. I am supposed to get my legs and knees done for $4,000 but are wondering should I? The Dr. told me to massage the areas to get the liquid out but my body hurts. We pressed on the insicions the first day and blood and fluid sprayed out but then the meds wore off and it's been hell ever since.

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Yes, it is normal

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Hello Sherylm,

Sometimes, the areas look absolutely fabulous the first day only to swell somewhat after a few days. We have found this to be normal in our Smartlipo patients. Do not worry too much and discuss it with your doctor.

We have found that by 2 or 3 weeks, most of the swelling has subsided and that it takes a full 2 months before you see your final result. Make sure you are wearing a compression garment that fits well, as this helps with the swelling. I do worry about significant pain, which could mean infection or some other process.

Smartlipo patients usually tell me they don't have much pain at all, except for the back area near the ribs. So, the most important step now is to keep communication lines open with your doctor!

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