Smartlipo- Laser Re-do Without the Lipo?

I had smartlipo with laser on and under my jawline over a year ago. I was developing jowls. The laser tightened one side nicely but the skin on the other side looks loose and I have a few bands of loose skin which look very aging (I am 48). Is it safe to have someone just re-do the laser under the skin on one side? Thanks

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Loose skin and smart lipo

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if there is no fat, you need to ask  your surgeon if there is more of a risk injury to the dermis from the heat of the SmartLipo by trying to contract the skin, or risk of nerve injury. Your experienced surgeon should advise you if a second procedure is appropriate for you. As Ultherapy is not performed on top of the jawbone, it is not currently indicated for that area, but it can treat the neck below the jaw.  Thermage, however, can provide some tightening and is not as deeply penetrating as Ultherapy so it can be used closer to the jaw.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Yes you can.

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Smartlipo can be repeated as many times as needed. Especially If you had a good response on one side, you probably didnt have the same degree of heating on the other side. Smartlipo works exceptionally well in that particular area and you should ask your surgeon if he/she will consider a "touch-up".

Douglas Hendricks, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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