Smartlipo for Fat Deposits and Hard to Get Rid Of?

I am a small person and I'm in early 30's. I am about 5ft tall and 104lb.There is just a little part of the area that fat deposits and hard to get rid of. So I did research about Smartlipo. Would that be effective and right procedure for me? With that procedure, would my skin be still firm and tight? How much would it usually cost for the area like abdomen and for a small person like me...

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SmartLipo Abdomen

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Without examining you it is hard to say definitively, but what you describe is perfect for SmartLipo. A small area of fatty deposit that will not change with weight loss, exercise, etc. SmartLipo is great for lipo"sculpture" to reduce that area so that you have a better contour. The skin will not be "tight", but the laser does help to tighten the skin so that there is little chance of excess after the fatty bulge is reduced. Again, an in person exam will delineate the elasticity of your skin. Be sure to ask questions of your physician - what is his/her experience with all forms of body contouring, lasers, tumescent liposuction, etc. You want a physician with a range of experience so that he can pick the one that is best for you after performing an examination and discussing with you your concerns, goals and expectations. My charges for the abdomen run $2500-$3500 in the Philadelphia area. it can be more or less in other geographical locations.

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