Smartlipo Disaster, Ab and Thigh, Female, 36? (photo)

Whatever happened now, it can not be undone. One thing, I would like to say is that I do not wish to go for Tummy tuck. And also, it is not only about my ab, but also about my de-shaped thigh after the lipo. Any fat grafting or insertion or any other suitable procedure can be done? (for ab and thigh) How is the procedure done? Does it include any big scar?

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SmartLipo complications

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SmartLipo is one of the only forms of Liposuction where such complications are very commonly seen. I treat a lot of liposuction related complications and they are tough to correct in one or even 2 sessions. sometimes multiple treatments are required. I can give u my honest opinion only after seeing u in person though. but just in general it will require micro-liposuction and fat grafting of all the areas that were treated with SmartLipo. not sure where u are located but if u are in the tri-state area and if you like to come for a consultation it might not be a bad idea. Im very sorry that it happened to you

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Liposuction Contour Irregularities

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   Contour irregularities can occur after liposuction due to technical error or postoperative complications/ not wearing binder appropriately.  Contour irregularities can be corrected by liposuction with or without fat grafting.  In some cases, the skin is unlikely to stick back down in a more favorable fashion and a tummy tuck may be necessary.

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