Smartlipo Disaster. Have Dents and a Long Thin Scar?

After Smartlipo my thighs are a mess. I have huge dents at the top of both outer thigh and inner thigh. My legs look ridiculous. I also have a long thin line/scar in the middle of one of the dents that looks as though the canula has melted my flesh. I am in pain after 6 months. The doc wants to perform more lipo to correct problems but I feel he's already taken too much fat and don't trust his abilities now. Help? He has said he won't perform suction this time.

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Smartlipo Disaster, what to do?

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If there has been over resection of fat with contour abnormalities, such as dents or grooves, treatment revolves around fat grafting to the depressed areas. A board-certified plastic surgeon should be consulted, preferably one with experience in managing these kinds of secondary problems.  If the original surgeon was not a board-certified plastic surgeon, you should consider a second opinion from someone who is.

 We hope that through adequate training, and a conservative, thoughtful approach, these kinds of problems can be avoided. 

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SmartLipo disaster!

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SmartLipo is a commonly performed procedure that melts the fat and allows the body to metabolize (chew up) the melted fat over time. this procedure when performed in good hands can give u very good results. at the same time the procedure can have a disasterous outcome if not performed accurately and with skills of a cosmetic and or plastic surgeon. if a procedure has left you with unsatisfied results its best to consult with your own doctor to see what option exist to correc that. its part of my consultation visit that all patients are mentally prepared for a touch up/correction procedure as u never know when it might be necessary. it also makes the patients feel confident that if the procedure doesnt give u results that require additional treatments, it will be taken care of. with that said, if u do not trust your doctor it would make sense to have a few consultations with surgeons in your area and explore your options. 80% of my practice of liposuction consists of correction cases and most of them are after SmartLipo. if u were my case for correction, based on the history provided, I would not do another SmartLipo.

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
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