Smartlipo Consultation Process. Should I Be Worried if a Surgeon Does Not Have Pictures to Share?

I've visited a few surgeons in NYC, some which are considered "TOP" on this website and was amazed how most do not have any before and after pictures to share. Is this normal? I would think that top surgeons would have happy patients who would be willing to share pictures, excluding their faces. I'm trying to see past the heavy marketing efforts for Smart Lipo and focus on skills and prior exprience. Should I be worried if surgeon does not have any pictures to share?

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It is a huge issue. No pictures = no good results

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Anyone who does a procedure for any period of time has pictures.  It is the first thing any decent doctor does.  Now, if they don't have good results and have practiced for several years, then they are either inattentive, not results oriented or a poor cosmetic surgeon. 

Think of it as a person who has a child but doesn't take pictures.  You want to show off your good work, right?

There is one case where a picture from the doctor's own patients may not happen and that is when they are starting to do a new procedure, but this is generally easily remedied within weeks to months.

Good luck!

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Clearly that is a concern. However, many new welll traine doctors just don't have a lot of pictures. Talk to other patients

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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