Can Smartlipo Be Combined with Cellulaze?

Can these two treatments be combined in one session for optimal results? Woiuld the cost be much higher when using both together (if possible)? How long after tummy tuck with MR can I have this treatment?

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Cellulaze and Smartlipo combined

You can't have Smartlipo and cellulaze on the same body part at the same time but you can have the treatments done together. For example, smartlipo on the inner thighs and cellulaze on the buttocks.

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Can Smartlipo Be Combined with Cellulaze?

Yes and no. If you mean have Cellulaze and Smart lipo on same body area than the answer is NO! But I have now done 10 patients using the combination of Cellulaze and Smart Lipo Triplex on different body areas in same operation. For example; Smart Lipo Triplex on arms, abdomen, hips while Cellulaze on outer,posterior thighs and buttocks. Sure the fees double because doing different areas and additional surgery time. But best to discuss in person with a Cerified Smart Lipo/Cellulaze doctor. Regards Dr. B, MIAMI 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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