Risk of Uneven Cheeks After SmartLipo?

I am considering SmartLipo for my face area of lower cheeks close to jaw line where I have an extra fat ( family gen that I don't particularly like) that does not go away even if I drop weight. BTW I am within my ideal body weight, exercise every day and eat well. I am concerned if the results on both sides will be even? How can the doctor ensure that both sides of my face will look the same? Is there a risk of SmartLipo done on the area of face that the results will not look even?

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Avoid Lipo on Cheek Area

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Any form of liposuction above the jawline (cheek area) is not typically recommended. As we age our fat tends to head south, so we lose volume in our cheeks. Adding volume to your cheeks sounds like what you need.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Avoid liposuction of face

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In general, there is seldom reason to suction fat above the jawline. Usually fat from the upper face has fallen because of gravity changing the shape of the face. Proper treatment is to replace the fat, not remove it. If you had a pleasing face in your 20s, you didn't suddenly sprout fat in your cheeks in your 40's. The treatment needs to fit the problem

Be very careful with liposuction on lower cheeks

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Liposuctioning your lower cheeks is always a risky endeavor. Liposuction can create dimpling, and contour changes that usually is not a major deal when it is in your tummy or butt. But when it is in your face, the significance increases greatly. And that is just with traditional liposuction. When you add Smart Lipo to the mix, with their use of lasers during the liposuction that have less general use in terms of the time it has been available to the market and experience among surgeons, you are going into unknown territory, in my opinion. The risks would be higher. If you do decide to go through with it, I would tell your surgeon to be very conservative and that you don't mind doing it again if you have to. Less is better many times.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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