Laser Specialist Vs. Plastic Surgeon for Smartlipo?

I am thinking about getting SmartLipo within the next couple of weeks on my lower abdomen, love handles and bra line. I was wondering if anyone went to a laser center or used a laser DR. rather then a plastic surgeon to perform their surgery? It really isn't a surgery b.c they are not making large incisions and or putting you under. The only reason i am asking is b.c the Dr. that i initially found has a spa and that is basically all they do is laser treatments for face, thighs, acne, botox you get the idea and they specialize in lasering. I'd really appreciate feedback ... thank you! Laser Specialist Vs. Plastic Surgeon

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Surgical training is important for Smart Lipo provider

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For any type of plastic surgery you need a professional very familiar with the anatomy of the area in addition to being comfortable with the procedure as well how to handle any adverse effects.

It seems that a board certified plastic surgeon who spent an average of 6-14 years in surgical training will have a better understanding and will better deliver.

Neither! You probably want to concentrate on the form of liposuction rather than the equipment

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Asking this question is like asking what kind of car you want to race at 200 miles per hour without asking who is going to be driving it and the type of course you will be using.

SmartLipo is just a tool. It's like a spatula in making a cake. The rest is the art of making a cake. You can have the coolest spatula, but if the person who is using it doesn't have any appreciation or talent in making the cake it is going to be horrible.

The real part behind SmartLipo that makes it better is the fact that most folks who do it and have less bruising, quicker recovery times and better skin retraction have this because they are using tumescent liposuction along with it! Most patients don't realize this, but it is very important to remember.

Both of the types of practitioners (Plastic Surgeon and probably psychiatrist-turned-laser-specialist-with-one-day-course) aren't known for tumescent liposuction as it takes quite a bit of training and staff and isn't done in a few minutes as opposed to the method they usually use (putting folks under general anesthesia and suctioning them with huge amounts of pressure and large suction cannulas). There is a reason to consider a dermatologist who uses the true tumescent method instead of thinking of this as a 'simple' procedure that anyone can perform.

This is your body you are talking about - take care in who you choose for this procedure!

Go to a plastic surgeon

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clearly i am not unbiased since i am a board certified plastic surgeon. the main advantage of using a board certified plastic surgeon vs a laser dr, is that the plastic surgeon, has lots of other tools at his/her disposal such as ultrasonic liposuction, tummy tuck etc. A laser dr (which is probably no more than a gp who has taken a short course) is going to be more willing to recommend Smartlipo for everyone because that is all he can offer. in my practice, out of every 10 patients that ask me about Smartlipo, i probably recommend Smartlipo for probably only 20% and the other 80%, i recommend a different technique. Smartlipo is not a magic wand and if it is to be thought of as an excellent tool (which it is), it needs to be used very selectively.

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