Smart Lipo Under Local Anesthetic / Non-Plastic Surgeon - Advice?

I am having SmartLipo on my U/L abs, love handles and sacrum. My problem is my doctor wants to do it under local and he said the surgery was going to take 5 hours. I am very afraid of needles and I am not liking the idea of me being awake, however this doctor doesn't offer general. My other concern is he is board certified but in family medicine and not PS. Also, I have read that the av. cost for this procedure is $4,500 to $5,500 and my doctor wants $6,500. Any advice is apprieated!! Thanks!

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Run for the hills!!!!

You have fallen into the trap that is out there - plastic surgery done by non-plastic surgeons.  NO REAL plastic surgeon would ever need 5 hours to do what you need, that is outrageous.  The guy doesn't "offer" an option of GA because no anesthesiologist will work with a pretend plastic surgeon and he can't get hospital privs to do it in a surgery center.  The red lights are going off and the sirens are blowing inside of you - time to listen to them!

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Smart Lipo Under Local Anesthetic / Non-Plastic Surgeon - Advice?

As a boarded PS & one of the first to use Smart Lipo, Dr Rand's point is you should be careful. I would recommend deep sedation or LMA anesthesia with the local. As for time of operation for those areas in my hands using the Smart Lipo Triplex + liposuction of the melted fats would take me 2 hours at most. My fee would be $5800 including the anesthesiologist. Best to research more. Regards from Miami 

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Warning Signs

Thanks for the question.  First, let me address the question of price.  Pricing can vary depending on doctors and the area where you and your doctor are based out of.  Price shopping for a cosmetic surgery procedure doesn't always end with good results for patients.  As far as the amount of time spent, it varies by patient.  Without seeing you for a comprehensive exam, it's difficult to give an accurate estimate for time. 

Moving on to your concerns about your doctor not being a board certified plastic surgeon:  There are many doctors out there who call themselves "cosmetic surgeons".  They may be board certified in other specialties, and there are some who aren't board certified at all.  That is not to say that they are bad doctors, or even that they do poor work.  It does, however, mean that they haven't undergone the same years of intensive specialized training and met the rigorous standards set forth by the ASPS.  This is definitely a case of patient beware.  Your doctor may only be able to perform this procedure under a local because he doesn't have operating privileges at a surgery center.  It's also important to ask if your doctor has admitting privileges at your local hospital just in case something were to happen.  There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion  with another board certified plastic surgeon in your area before making your decision. 

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