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I had smart lipo done and as they were suctioning out the fat my doctor commented on my fat being 90% fat and that he hasn't seen that. He usually see 50% fat. I forgot to ask what that means. Does anyone know? Thank you :-)

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This means there was very little tumescent fluid, mostly fat.

When doing liposuction or SmartLipo, sometime the area being treated with yield a high ratio of fat to supernatant.  This is OK and nothing to be concerned about.

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Smart Lipo

Maybe he means the tumescence fluids is in his aspirate of the fats. Better to ask him what he means. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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The aspirate in the container is more than likely what is being referred to.  On primary lipo cases, we typically see 75-95% pure fat.  On thighs, usually 90% plus.  On secondary lipo cases, we usually see 75%.  The higher fat percentage, the better.

Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD
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