Smart Lipo 2 Weeks Ago, Skin Feels Tight?

I had smart lipo in my inner thighs/ back of my legs. I'm a 17 year old, 102 lb, 5'1" dancer. I didn't have much fat on my body prior to the surgery, but with ballet, every lb counts. I tried stretching my groin yesterday, and my skin felt like it was being wripped and I was being given a bad Indian burn. I have to return to ballet in a week, I'm attending a program to which Ihave been given a scholarship, and I might get a job. How can I make my skin hurt less? I've been moisturizizing daily.

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Enough time to heal is essential to maximizing the results.  Talk with your surgeon and make a detailed plan for recovery and return to full activity.

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Check back with your surgeon for suggestions.

Please check back with our surgeon for suggestions.  Options are available to help you.  if you doctor is experience and skilled at SmartLipo, her/she will know what to do.

Mark Taylor, MD
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