Smart Lipo vs. Vaser Lipo - Expectations, skin tightening?

What if any differences between the two types of Lipo? I would really like to have hips, outer and inner thighs, abdomen, and arms done. What are realistic expectations in regards to skin tightening, and would a separate skin tightening laser session be beneficial. My goal is to feel good in my clothes. I have two consultations next week. I am trying to learn as much as possible so I can ask all the right questions. Current weight is 165 and height is 5"7. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Smart-lipo vs. Vaser

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It appears to be the case that in some patients laser assisted liposuction will cause more contracture of the skin than other type of liposuction. However, in your particular case you need to be considered for an abdominoplasty as you have quite a bit of skin laxity. Whether you accept or reject abdominoplasty depends on your particular expectations and willingness to have a bikini type scar, but you need be informed well about this procedure. In my practice I would consider in your situation liposuction along with Smart-lipo for your arms with your understanding that a brachioplasty may be needed subsequently. I would likely only agree to perform a standard or lipo-abdominoplasty on your abdomen. I would discourage SMART-Lipo as the only modality. VASER is great for smooth results, especially in fibrous tissue and revision surgery. It usually does not lead to greater contraction of the overlying skin than liposuction.

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