Smart Lipo Vs Cool Lipo for Saddle Bags?

I am a fit 28-year-old woman who has been cursed with the genetics of terrible saddle bags. They are really disproportionate to my body, and trying to find a flattering pair of pants has always been a nightmare. I am considering Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for this area, and am wondering, which of the two would produce best results? Do these treatments have any advantages or disadvantages over the other when done on the saddle bag area?

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VASER Liposuction is most effective for body contouring

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I appreciate your question. In general, I do not think that Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo are effective in terms of effectively removing volume in an aesthetic fashion. The most useful method that gives me the best results is VASER, which uses low energy ultrasound to gently break apart the fat cells and provide skin tightening. It has been my experience that my patients have great aesthetic outcomes that is associated with less discomfort and pain and a shorten recovery period.

Of course the skill and experience of surgeon plays a very important role in body contouring. I would advise that you seek someone that is board certified in a surgical specialty and has considerable experience in liposuction.

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Check out VASER Liposelection

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Hi there,

I would consider VASER Lipo if I were you. I don't have any kind of an endorsement deal with them or anything, and can honestly tell you that I have tried all types of liposuction (including the latest laser varieties) and believe the VASER offers the best combination of safety and effectiveness out there. The other options you mentions may work for you, but in my mind, the issue is not whether some new piece of medical equipment works, but whether it works as well as other available options, and whether it is as safe as the other options.

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